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Yes. You are right. I was going to say maybe they thought something would change. I wouldn’t have done it. For eg I had a date so boring once I literally DID consider running away out the bathroom (of the pub!) window. And he said “they have hotel rooms here” and I just thought NO WAY.


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Yep. I IMMEDIATELY thought of that. I HOPE OP is not telling the truth, it’s scary to think of ONE guy doing this let alone two! I did have someone try it but fortunately he told me on the phone so I noped out of that. I’m SO glad it didn’t get to the point of going back and seeing her.


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As someone who due to recovering from a fractured ankle & another issue that has come from THAT THANK you for being someone positive in this thread. Even though I’m not paralysed thank goodness, I don’t know when I’ll walk again & sometimes I wonder if it’s an IF though dr seems hopeful. So thank you. Somehow reading this article and your reply gives me some comfort during a difficult and uncertain time!