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It was truly magical. Thunderstorms were the absolute best. We had a great view of the length of mountains from our bathroom window. A huge window with shutters you could sit on the edge of. The bathroom was quite big as well as it was a farmhouse that had been half converted from part of the attached barn. All tiled. When the thunder rumbled it would sound SO amazing in there, and the mountains lit up some with each strike depending on where the storm was. Just awesome! I always wanted to buy that house if it ever ended up on the market, but it was remodeled when we moved out and is probably a half a million euro now. I still keep an eye on the area though XD Italy would likely never let me immigrate there since I’m fully disabled, but I may get lucky and my partner could find a civilian job at Aviano.

There are few places in the US that are awesome as that place, and certainly not many that are affordable enough to live at.


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I’ve got MS and am on immunosuppressants. We on them are also aware of this. It just makes sense. I appreciate that we needed to know by how much the difference would be, but still…. Not surprising. Reminds me I need that last updated booster. Maybe I’ll schedule that soon.