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I believe the reason was that this article is focused upon the relationship of the lead editor at RS with the subject of the original story by Tatiana Siegel in October 2022.

There was a later RS article written by Adam Rawnsley on Feb 2023 that goes further in depth on the charges. It's an article not for the squeamish.

If you're curious you can dig up the Reddit conversations off the original aforementioned article. They chalk it up to the FBI trying to stifle dissent, something both conspiracy and socialists agreed upon.

I also believe this NPR article is trying to show how the editorial curtailing of the original story lead to how this story could be spun to such an extent that when the later article was issued, there just wasn't a big shitstorm surrounding it.


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Apparently one of the local NBC reporters was on the plane and live tweeting the experience.


  • Still on the runway. It’s been about 1.5 hours since we’ve landed. Everyone is calm on the flight. We’re just wondering what is going on.

  • We are on a United flight. Pilot told us we are not allowed to take anything in the overhead bins

  • Plane was from Newark to Burlington. Lots of police and emergency crews out on the runway. It’s been almost 2 hours.

  • 6:35 p.m. - People are getting frustrated. They want to know what’s going on. It’s been almost 2 hours since we’ve landed. Flight attendants told us to expect law enforcement officers on the plane. We’re not allowed to touch or take anything in the overhead bins.

  • 6:43 p.m. VSP on flight with K9 searching the plane. They said there was a note found with a threat. We’re now getting off the plane.

  • 6:54 p.m. just got off the flight. Everyone escorted into btv airport. we weren’t allowed to take anything but phone and ID. Said we are getting an update.

  • 7:08 p.m. A note saying there was a Device on plane was reported. Federal authorities, BPD, VSP, BTV airport officials giving an update and going through the entire plane. We’re not sure when we will get our stuff.


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> Authorities searched the plane and its 65 passengers with bomb-sniffing dogs, one of the passengers, State Senate President Pro Tem Phil Baruth, told WCAX-TV.

> The passengers were able to deplane after sitting on the tarmac for almost two hours, Baruth said. Video from WCAX showed emergency personnel lining up the baggage on the ground in front of the aircraft before searching each piece.

So passengers were kept in the plane on the tarmac for two hours with a possible bomb threat?


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France is also the only country other than the US with an operational CATOBAR style carrier, and wanted an locally designed (not American) aircraft to fly from it. Adding a carrier variant was a headache for the F-35, and ended up being yet another major reason why they backed out of the Eurofighter. None of the other countries cared about having a carrier version.


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There's multiple departments this could fall into.

DEA shares concurrent jurisdiction with the FBI, ICE and CBP (both of which are under the DOJ and DHS). Getting the USAF involves just includes another high level department (DOD).

The DEA has its own aviation division. It has approximately 135 Special Agent/Pilots and 100 aircraft.


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The C-26 is based off a 1970's airliner that hasn't been produced for over 2 decades. It becomes prohibitively more expensive to support a growing list of airframes that are no longer in production (i.e. B-52s, A-10s), and for a task they don't feel should be their job they're not going to fight for it.


> Specifically, keeping the 11 RC-26s still in the fleet costs the Air National Guard $30 million per year, Loh said.


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Got the list of MEPs who voted against with a loose categorization from Adam Something.

He sourced the list from twitter - https://twitter.com/avaritiaprima/status/1595508092862664718

Turns out we've achieved far right - far left unity:

  • Emmanouil Fragkos - Greek Solution Party - far right
  • André Rougé - National Rally - far right
  • Bernhard Zimniok - Alternative for Germany - far right
  • Nicolas Bay - National Rally - far right
  • Francesca Donato - Lega Nord - far right
  • Marcel de Graaff - Forum for Democracy - far right
  • Miroslav Radačovský - Slovak PATRIOT - far right
  • Milan Uhrik - Republic - far right
  • Mathilde Androuët - National Rally - far right
  • Jordan Bardella - National Rally - far right
  • Dominique Bilde - National Rally - far right
  • Róbert Hajšel - Direction - far right
  • Monika Benova - Direction - far right
  • Hynek Blaško - Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (formerly) - far right
  • Annika Bruna - National Rally - far right
  • Christine Anderson - Alternative for Germany - far right
  • Patricia Chagnon-Clevers - National Rally - far right
  • Marie Dauchy - National Rally - far right
  • Jean-Paul Garraud - National Rally - far right
  • Catherine Griset - National Rally - far right
  • Jean-Francois Jalkh - National Rally - far right
  • France Jamet - National Rally - far right
  • Virginie Joron - National Rally - far right
  • Maximilian Krah - Alternative for Germany - far right
  • Joachim Kuhs - Alternative for Germany - far right
  • Jean-Lin Lacapelle - National Rally - far right
  • Gilles Lebreton - National Rally - far right
  • Thierry Mariani - National Rally - far right
  • Philippe Olivier - National Rally - far right
  • Guido Reil - Alternative for Germany - far right
  • Kateřina Konečná - Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia - far right
  • Peter Bartolo - Democratic Party - center left
  • Andrea Cozzolino - Democratic Party - center left
  • Joachim Schuster - Social Democratic Party of Germany - center left
  • Massimiliano Smeriglio - Communist Refoundation Party (formerly) - far left
  • Özlem Alev Demirel - The Left - far left
  • Martin Schirdewan - The Left - far left
  • Tatjana Ždanoka - Latvian Russian Union - pro-Russian left
  • Ivo Hristov - Bulgarian Socialist Party - pro-Russian left
  • Petar Vitanov - Bulgarian Socialist Party - pro-Russian left
  • Marc Botenga - Workers' Party of Belgium - pro-Russian left
  • Clare Daly - United Left (formerly) - pro-Russian left
  • Niyazi Kızılyürek - Progressive Party of Working People - pro-Russian left
  • Miguel Urbán - Anticapitalist Left - pro-Russian left
  • João Pimenta Lopes - Portuguese Communist Party - pro-Russian left
  • Martin Sonneborn - Die PARTEI - weirdo left
  • Mick Wallace - Independents 4 Change - weirdo left

Honorable mention: every one of Orban's Hungarian MEPs who heroically abstained. They're far right of course.


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If this was from the parking lot, then you're going past the Talbot's and B&N, then it's just 1 failed left turn to drive straight into the entrance. As long as you avoid the tree and street lamp.

I've seen enough instances of old people confusing the accelerator and the brake in a parking lot and still making it up to 40+ MPH.


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> The fit and finish is atrocious, with massive gaps and parts not fitting all over them.

I remember back in the late 80's if you compared the construction of Honda vs GM, you'd notice a major difference of how the outer body panels fit together. The Honda would be a consistent width all the way through. The GM vehicles were vary widely in how the car panels would fit together. If you look closely at the Tesla Model 3's, they're as bad, if not worse, than how the GM cars were. Compare two Model 3's side-by-side and you'll notice they're not consistent to each other.


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> The only coverage I saw since the event is him acting like a buffoon in court. I never see him grouped with the savage from Uvalde, Buffalo, Carolina, etc.

One would argue that this should be how it is treated to minimize the chance for copycats.

No press, coverage, notoriety, or infamy shall be given beyond the status of the case once completed.


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> It's also noteworthy that Muslims accounted for 98.32% of population in 1935

It's also noteworthy that Atatürk's reforms stressed secularization.

It's literally codified in the 1924 constitution, and reaffirmed in both the 1961 and 1982 post-Coup revised constitutions.

> The Constitution asserts that Turkey is a secular (2.1) and democratic (2.1) republic (1.1) that derives its sovereignty (6.1) from the people.

It was a cathedral for over a millennia, so if your argument is purely about time, then they both have first dibs and longer duration.