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Make sure you got at least a 8" spreader when doing mudding on drywall. A smaller one will not give you the gradients you want.

If you got a gap in a seam, you mud the gap, take some tape and fold it in half, press it into the seam then mud over the paper to fill in the gap.

You can sand between applications of mud once it dries. Since youa re new to this, allow this to take place over a couple days. Once you get good with it, you will have next to no sanding to do and do it in a single application.. I always run a 12" spreader and I only need to spot sand.


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Elephant wasn't galloping in the vid. A gallop requires the animal to have all 4 feet off of the ground at the same time. Animal must be fully airborne. Gallop has nothing to do with speed, it is a terminology that defines 4 suspended feet while running.


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You mean the live wire on the chandelier fixture itself? There is no live on it. You can connect to either of the black wires on the fixture. It will flow into one and then out of the other regardless completing the circuit. If there was a polarity to the fixture, very rare but can happen, one wire will be marked differently than the other, like a red stripe on one a white stripe on the other and this will be noted in the install instructions


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Vocalizing depending upon muscle strength in the mouth and has nothing to do with you saying mama, dada to the infant. I don't know why more people don't know this.

The act of suckling strengthens lips, tongue which are what we use to vocalize. It turns out the easiest sound to make is 'ta', it only needs a little bit of tongue to do. The next sound is 'da' which requires a little more tongue work, but not much which is why statistically the first word out of a babies mouth is dada, it is easier to say. Making the sound 'ma' require lip strength. Lips muscles are hugely weaker than tongue muscles so 'ma' and 'ba' and 'pa' take longer to master for the baby.

Babies speak as per their physically development not so much what you train them to do.


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This is where the Expanse was head and tails above other space movies.

Everyone getting strapped in preparing for High-G maneuvers. Locking your tool bays so a hammer doesn't turn into a sabot round when the ship suddenly changes direction. People stroking out to due high G acceleration. Using Acceleration/Deceleration at 1g over massive distances to simulate gravity.


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Many things you learn as impossible in math are possible, just not possible with the current level of understanding. Calculus isn't an end. It is the start of everything. Compared to what comes after Calculus, learning Calculus is the equivalent of learning to count to 10.

Told, you can't divide things by zero. Did this for multiple years in engineering and calculus. We divide by zero all the time.

Told there is no square root of a negative, there is. We called it imaginary, its not imaginary. it exists. We could have called them extradimensional numbers, because that's what they are. Numbers on a different dimensional line than the normal real number dimensional lines. In early school, there is no need to understand this yes as its not something you use in day to day life. Its physics math tool offering a new dimension just like, x, y, z. Now you got xi, yi, zi. That's 3 new dimensions on top of the existing 3 that can used for more detailed information about a point.

Told there is nothing bigger than infinity. There is. 2*infinity is bigger in that is grows faster. Power sets which are infinite sets of infinite sets are bigger as well. You find there is an entire new number line just for the infinite numbers, often called the non-ordinals.

There are lots of solutions for those things learned in the past that had no solutions. The math just wasn't known yet.


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Buff it out. Next time sister should clean her stove a little more often to not require so much elbow grease.

>She used a metal scrub to clean the metal stove. She didn't let the soap or cleaning situation to sit for a couple hours.

Spraying exposed metal with caustic cleaners and letting them sit isn't a good idea either. Metal can pit. It would also cause the plastic display to fog out if any got on it and was left for a time. Steel surfaces require elbow grease and Barkeepers friend or a Stainless Steel cleaner. If none of these were available to use, all that is left is pure elbow grease and a brillo pad.

Regardless, if you are waiting months between cleaning, you are going to have a bad time no matter what you do.


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If you consider the closest star to us is over 4 light years away. The sun and that star are single grains of sand on a football field flying at each other. Chances they are going to hit is very, very small. You can fit every single planet in our solar system in-between Earth and our moon. Space is huge.

The chances 2 stars will ever collide is miniscule. What is will happen much more readily is stars passing each other and getting redirected by their gravity wells and flung off.

If they were to collide, there are so many factors to consider there isn't a one answer fits all. A giant red and a white dwarf are going to react much differently than 2 heavy neutron stars. It probably goes from one absorbing the other to forming a black holes or super novas or one stripping the other or fragmenting into masses which form new stars.


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Because a bunch of mathematicians got together and came up with a order of operations so that there would be no confusion when looking at a math equation.

It is this way is because all those math nerds said it should be that way. That's it. Left side of the number line is negative because the math nerds got together and said that is how it should be. Much of math and science has shit like this where 'by convention' i.e. nerds got together and made a decision, something is done a certain way.


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Ice is the solid form of water.

Fire is the visual effect of a highly exothermic oxidation reaction.

You are comparing apples with black holes.

Brains run on neurons. Neurons run on Sodium and Potassium potentials which send electrical impulses to other neurons.

CPU have transistors, transistors run on action potentials generated through directed flow of electricity.

The only difference is one is carbon based the other silicon. Why does carbon allow conscious but silicon does not? If the fundamental actions are the same in both, their gestalt being the same or similar would follow.