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I was going to come in here and say "just buy a steamdeck" but after looking at the specs, it's interesting.

It even looks like it comes with a mic plug.

I wonder who the market for this is though? Most of gamers would just build a normal sized PC, or get a gaming laptop, or a steamdeck.


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The only advice I can provide is: try as many masks /different set ups as you can.

I couldn't really handle the full face masks. I responded really well to nasal pillows. But I also found out I needed a head strap to keep my mouth from flapping open.

It was a lot of trial and error and after a year or so it's worth reassessing and seeing what's working and what isn't.

Make sure the pressure is tuned properly, that the humidity is set up for your environment, etc etc.

My sleep doc actually gave me low dose Ambien for the first couple of nights with my machine and again when I changed masks. It helped get over the sleep anxiety/hurdle of the new machine.

I can't sleep anywhere without it.


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I agree that it's skewed, but it 100% correctly identified my obstructive sleep apnea. The CPAP is life changing.

I was starting to get anxious (was literally twitching) and felt like crap all the time. After the first night on my CPAP I knew I'd never go back (and I hated my first couple of masks).