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I’m an OR nurse, done a fair amount of sports medicine. They use all kinds of grafts that are made from human and non-human tissue. The one thing I will tell you is that most new medical procedures and drugs hyped in the press are exactly that: hype.


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Malaysia just had chicken export bans because they can’t keep enough protein in the country with exports. Yemen, Lebanon, Afghanistan just to name 3 countries outside of most of Africa that have widespread food insecurity. Much of rural china deals with food insecurity. You’re absolutely right it might be more than half of the global population.


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We have like 100,000 years of human history to draw from. Why do we think that general AI and all the other singularity topics are going to improve life for all humans on this planet? It’s also really odd to say life is better than it was in 2012. That largely depends on where you live. Half the world is starving. It’s way more likely all of these new technologies will be used like all the past new technologies to reinforce the power structures that exist and to further control the masses at the bottom.