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I grew up in Lebanon and can confirm. Culturally, it's primarily a part of PA Dutch Country, but it's a demographic slowly dying off. You do have the “bumblefuck” portions in Cold Spring, Union, and Swatara up north, but those are very sparsely populated regions covered in state game land.

I would definitely not think of Lebanon as “Greater Harrisburg.”


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McCarthy had five seats to appoint on the Committee—proportional to Republican representation in the House. Pelosi rejected two appointments, Jim Jordan and Jim Banks, due to statements made regarding the Committee and the fact that both were persons of interest in the investigation. McCarthy knew Jordan and Banks were compromised when he appointed them and did it anyways. In response to Pelosi's rejection, McCarthy pulled the remaining three appointments.

If you wish to point the finger at a group acting in a partisan manner, you should look within your own party.