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Anything is possible with 3-letter USA agencies. Also, people are pretty stupid sometimes with USB drives. Sometimes they dont understand that you can compromise a system by doing that and I know theres more to the story than just dumping random USB drives. We talked about this in college but that's really the only points I remember


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Something similar happened to me. I used to live in an apartment with a friend. As far as I know he never has had a relationship with someone or been intimate with anyone. I was waiting on a package once from Amazon and one came in the mail. I assumed it was mine but when I opened it, there was just this huge bottle of lube.

I texted my friend and said "I put your package in your room from Amazon." To this day he still swears that he didnt prefer it from Amazon but we had a good laugh about it


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As someone who is sarcastic down to my soul, every stressful or serious thing I've been in, I always crack jokes.

My mom's boyfriend shot himself in the foot on accident - nonstop jokes.

I broke my foot in several places- you bet I'm making jokes at my own expense.

My grandmother died - yeah I'm making jokes about how she used to be. And then probably doing a little crying afterwards.