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Well blood types A, B, and AB produce mainly IgM antibodies which cannot cross the placenta so this is really only an issue when the mother is blood type O, which produces mostly IgG antibodies that can in fact cross the placenta. However I think the percentage of developing HDN is very low, something like 4%, and when it happens it is mild. Something about the baby’s antigens not being properly developed so the antibodies cannot properly bind to destroy the blood cells.


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I just saw an old coach post a quote “there’s no such thing as second or third place. There’s winning and not winning” and just thought….. how toxic. I was so over invested in my sport and it did nothing for me. Even if I became Olympic champion, I’ve met Olympic champs and they got like $10K and a pat on the back. Sure maybe I was in the wrong sport but… the point is that winning is fleeting. The moment, no matter how glorious, always passes. All you’re left with is your memories. Did you have fun or did you just give yourself PTSD?? Winning culture is so toxic