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The problem with virgin orbital is that they did exclusively air-launched rockets, which have a hard limit on the payload size that makes manned flight pretty much impossible (i.e. if it won't fit under a 747 wing, it won't fly). Moreover, air-launched rockets have been all but obsolete ever since Space-X and Rocket Lab have proved first-stage recovery to be reliable and extremely economical.


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Przewalski's horse, a close relative of the domestic horses, is still around

Because horses originally evolved in North America, there has been the argument that the arrival of feral horses after 1492 was a reintroduction of a native species rather than an invasive feral population. This is why the US government is in the unique position of protecting a feral population


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Reply to charm city by Lemongirl65

Funnily enough, that in reverse is basically how my family ended up in the Baltimore area after emigrating from Ireland in the 1840s. They landed in NY, and planned to go to Texas, but ran out of money in Cockysville, which is how the area near the quarries there got its name


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> Meanwhile, Whit Linthicum pleaded guilty to a felony child porn charge and received a suspended two-year jail sentence and probation.

> ... David leaned further into his father’s right-wing ideology, Martin said. Both expressed loathing for national Democratic figures. Whit Linthicum discouraged David from attending college, Martin said, in part because he believed his son would be brainwashed and become a liberal

Jeeze, what piece of shit that dad is