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for the most part I agree with you, except 'Hollywood' loves having their big name stars. I'm pretty sure the theory is that it's easier to promote an already popular brand. Think like, just about any Marvel movie that comes out will break the Billion dollar mark, simply by being another Marvel movie.

Although, that may just be a relic of the past (the future's past, our present) due to movies' budgets. Once all movies cost the same to make (I'm assuming cheap as dirt) maybe the movie culture will change. No more summer blockbusters, maybe they will adopt a 'spaghetti against the wall' approach.

No stars would be great, too many stars aren't all that great, and having known actors in a role can be distracting. And of course all the back room politics...

I'm hoping it becomes all about the writer, and the writer can be anyone. There will be a lot of shit out there, but hopefully we'll be able to sort through the muck better by then


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thanks for the clarification

>Dramatic performances - in the absence of a real person, what’s the fucking point? I would lose interest.

There are plenty of sentimental and dramatic animes and games out there that people really love.

What's the point? 1) aging starts continuing on. They will love the oportunity to continue to get paid without having to actually work. And the studios would love to be able to push a few buttons on their computer and pump out the next Angelina Jolie and Bruce Willis blockbuster... especially if they don't actually have to deal with (asshole) actors.

also, I would like to point out that this is just a discussion on the future, I'm not trying to say this will happen now or even the next few years (except maybe Step 1). People will get more used to this things, as they already are getting used to cgi. etc...


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> Hollywood wants nothing more than to make self referential movies about their art, so I fully expect to see a dystopic movie covering this in a meta commentary on the subject. >

S1m0ne is a movie about a totally AI model. I havent seen it, but it's my understanding that intitally, they present her as a real person... then I imagine get caught in the lie. idk. > > > The issue is I have a hard time with the idea of fully crossing the uncanny valley for things that are naturalistic and actor focused etc. Could they do something like this for cgi riddled action movies? Probably. But those have large special effects budgets.

I think we've seen in various forms that the tech is already capable of crossing the valley, the trouble now is time/expense. But as the tech improves it will only get quicker and less expensive, especially if they can reuse assets.

Also, I forgot to add the point to my OP that people are more and more trained to ignore imperfections with cgi. Most people now (and more as time goes on) are used to the cgi in games, and watching more and more anime and cgi movies/series'. I don't think uncanny valley will be an issue as time goes on.

>You’re arguing for the idea of automating out actor work with AI like other professions and forms of art. It would have to make financial sense and in many cases I think it would not. There’s a reason not all movies are animated or all filmed on green screens. I think it will be a long time before actors can be replaced fully in such a way that is believable, and in such a way that is affordable. Additionally I think people will stop caring to watch for many genres of movies. >

not really arguing for it, it's just the way I see things will probably go. 🤷‍♀️ With modern tech, it may not make financial sense, but it's all getting cheaper and cheaper (and faster and faster, and better and better). "There's a reason not all movies are animated or all filmed on green screens" currently. In 10 years? Who knows? And more a more movies are filmed on basically nothing but green screens, even scenes that I would have never thought they would do it on (like really simple stuff).

>Additionally I think people will stop caring to watch for many genres of movies.

I don't understand this comment.

> I would be more immediately concerned with AI replacing or augmenting the writing process, because so many movies and shows follow similar tropes and plot lines.

Yes, another point I forgot to add. I'm pretty sure they already have a Script Writing app they're working with. But it's not ready yet. I would assume the first working versions of this app would write the basic script, and then a human writer would do a rewrite.

>Additionally I’d expect to see AI augmentation for the animation process for movies that are legitimately animated, or use CGI backdrops / set pieces etc.

Yup, no reason not to. Another stepping stone...


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> Eventually, all major studio releases will be AI/CGI, and an industry of 'Organic' independent movies will grow.


>If (when) all this happens, FanFic and Self Published scripts will be able to be fed into the app and generated.

but you're right, I didn't get philosophical about it, just talked about the tech possibilities


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> CGI is trash. It can’t even replicate walking or looking well

have you never seen a modern movie? "looking well"? Like Avatar or Marvel or Star Wars...

Hell, there was a post showing how cgi changed an actor swearing into a pg-13 friendly version, and then into different languages.

really, everything you just said was wrong, and worse, thoughtless.


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Here's what I think will happen-

  1. Some famous actor will do a really high-end full body and face scan. Then they will license out their likeness. Think Angelina Jolie in that 2007 (I think) Beowulf cgi movie. For the time being she will have to still voice the project.

  2. Sooner rather than later, she will be able to read a specialized script to get all her voice inflections and modulations inputted into a system that will be able to generate her voice. I think they did this with Val Kilmer's lines in Top Gun: Maverick.

  3. Also, sooner rather than later, other aging celebs will jump on the Scan and License train. I accidentally watched one of those new Bruce Willis movies, the dude barely moved or talked. It was really sad.

  4. At some point, there will be a system that allows AI to construct sets. Think of the Unreal Engine and all of it's assets. So, a script can call for a [Mid-20th century American living room], and the AI would build this in UE (or whatever), and then the Set Designer and Director would go in and tweak it to their liking.

  5. In a decade or 2 we could be seeing movies with the Scans of 'aged out' stars on virtual sets, with 'lesser' actors acting with stand-ins/tennis balls on sticks on green screen sets. Think Sky Captain, and the World of Tomorrow. (I guess there are loads of shows that do this now 🤷‍♀️).

  6. Eventually, these 'lesser' actors will 'scan in' as extras and side characters. Probably with their faces and voices changed. Something akin to what they do with Mo-cap now.

  7. As virtual character generation gets better (in the next decades) the 'lesser' actors won't be needed.

  8. As time goes on, there will be totally AI generated/CGI stars (look at the obsession some people already have with anime characters).

  9. The call for 'Scanned Stars' will die out, due to- people caring less and less about the 'Angelina Jolie's' and 'Bruce Willis'' of the world; and (of course) the studios would love to not pay the fees for Stars. So, they'll push for 'S1mone' to be the next big thing.

  10. Eventually, all major studio releases will be AI/CGI, and an industry of 'Organic' independent movies will grow.

  11. I think there will be some way to select a movie to watch, and then select from a menu: which 'actors' you want, and which style you'd like to watch it in (Anime, photo realistic, etc...)

  12. You may even be able to tweak the story and other elements of a movie: Rating, various 'Triggers', more Comedy than Romance/more Romance than Comedy, etc...

  13. If (when) all this happens, FanFic and Self Published scripts will be able to be fed into the app and generated. Hopefully, spelling the end of Major Studios.