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You'd largely be going against the direction of traffic once you hit the interstate. There is still a good bit of traffic on 495 and 95 north to columbia, but it's not at a standstill. If you are within a reasonable distance to a major roadway you should be fine. This applies for both Baltimore and DC. As most of the traffic is going into the city.


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The Bible clearly states that God helps those who help themselves.

If those children don't want to be gunned down then they should had brought their own gun to school and protected themselves. Then by God's grace they'd still be alive.

Assuming they truly believed in our christ and savior Jesus F. Christ


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Good steel weapons are not as heavy as you'd think, because you can make a high quality steel fairly thin and strong. Japanese steel was extremely hard and rigid and armor was rare, so it being "brittle" (compared to soft steels) wasn't a problem.

As long as you're not swinging it like a sword a metal rod, or blade, won't feel much heavier than a quality staff or polear..

That being said, making a long ass sword to use as a spear instead of just making a spear would be weird as hell, and I could only see it being done as some dick swinging contest.


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Or you know, it was brought in for re attachment, which spare body parts goto pathology. Where the doctors who actually look at the cancerous cells during a biopsy work.


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A neighbor of mine lost his thumb saving a dude at work. Ended up being a very happy accident because he was the type to never visit a doctor. Turns out his thumb had a skin cancer, that he was just going to ignore. Problem solved and he got a free beer from the dude he saved.

Said neighbor had a great sense of humor though.


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I just bring my kid and I to sports clips. Because they are usually fast. I've only ever seen ladies cut hair there and they have TVs on (while your kid might not like sports it's still a distraction that probably won't be too engaging either).

But I personally don't care about my hair looking good, I just get it cut every time I start to look a bit like a hobo.