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It’s English, English is a descriptive language meaning that however it is used is the correct way. If you want a language that has strict rules as to what is and isn’t correct please see french.

The “rules” you have been taught are only guidelines for the period of time and location you were taught them in. For example I was never taught to use <> as quote marks it was either ‘ or “ but obviously you were, we are both correct because I understood you perfectly.


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Uk here, they are called gherkins and we have, in the grocery shop; pickled cabbage, onion, beetroot (I think Americans call them beats) in glass jars. I can’t remember seeing gherkins or pickled egg in the shops but they are a common thing to exist, gherkins are common on burgers and pickled egg are often sold at fish and chip shops.


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0% land is not floating on the sea it is just land that is higher than the sea floor. For anything to “fall into the ocean” you need to break off of the rest of the land and fall into the sea, this often happens dramatically with cliffs but it’s never more than 20-30 feet on a bad year.