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>I can think of at least 10 buildings that are in need of immediate repairs and cleaning up.

The owners probably can't afford to fix them up because anything done is required to be kept historical- which increases the cost ten fold.

About 35 years ago the town had a lot of "townies" and it was also an Era of mass building going on. The newer people set stricter rules and forced a lot of the "townies" out. Staples of the town like the junkyard, Gibsons, and the local Holden Market were shuttled out in lieu of "quaint" streets and the Big Y.

They were once kind of hicks, then went to snobs almost overnight.


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The center of town 31/122A is zoned historical. They restrict colors on homes and signage to keep main street "quaint." It's why Mc Donald's can't have the arches.

The Mobil station wanted to cover the pumps to bring in more customers. The town said no. They resisted, owner sued (I think) and won but the awnings had to be consistent with historic area so they are wood or faux wood, which cost a lot more because it had to be flame resistant or something.

They basically tried to fuck the business.

The town is notorious for their control over people's private property. It's like one big Homeowners Association.


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The Boynton is next to the college and a large majority of its business is families and middle aged people. Most restaurants on Park Ave and adjacent will tell you that the colleges provide very little business to the restaurants. Pizza places and fast food will tell ya differently but its cuz theyre cheap and deliver. With the stricter liquor laws, underage drinking isn't happening in the bars anymore. Leitrims is the last "college bar" in the city and they're struggling. They just aren't a sustainable demographic in the industry.


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> And oh yeah, I never imagined Mr. Wang being a communist sympathizer but with how awkwardly nice he is when he see's me in I can see it lmao.

His daughter Emily got drunk one night at a local bar and divulged what they really thought of "stupid, lazy, Americans" was quite an eye opener.

As for the sweat shop, he owns an apartment building behind the sushi bar. His employees (not sure if illegal or not but who cares) get rent taken out of their pay. They're left with virtually nothing after paying expenses to Mr. Wang. It's grimy and taking advantage of people trying to get a new opportunity.


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>, Baba's is the finest I have ever had in worcester

You gotta get out more. I wouldn't touch their food with someone else's fork.

Admittedly, I know people who work there that told me the sanitary conditions are low. Fish left out to room temp, sewage leaking in basement next to cooler and a box of panko that's in said basement that mice love and that they bread the rolls in.

Not to mention the fact that the owner runs a sweatshop with his immigrant employees. I've also heard they are part of the Chinese police station network that tries to control Chinese behavior/pressure Chinese nationals on US soil.

The food is mediocre. I know it's not the city but try the sushi at Willys Steakhouse in Shrewsbury. Kenzo trained most of the sushi chefs in MA and his sushi is impeccable. Old school with class.


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>no idea why Worcester is so dead at night

As someone in the restaurant/bar industry let me answer- Covid.

People stopped going out late night for food and such. With the advent of Doordash, grubhub etc there's less staff for service and more dedicated to takeout orders. Closing early became the norm. The issue with Canal district and food is it's just not feasible to stay open when parking is either taken by the baseball park or bar customers. Restaurants aren't seeing the value of late night. Wings can't get drivers for delivery or anyone who wants to deal with the drunk and sometimes violent late night crowd.

It's not just Worcester, restaurants in Providence and Boston are seeing the shift too.


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This morning I'm driving to work and encounter trash pickup. So they're blocking the road, which I get, so I pull to side behind a car so that they can pass by and I'll go by them.

Instead they pull up, box me in, take the trash and then compact it- leaving me stuck for a few minutes. I don't really mind the wait- I leave plenty of time to get in to work, but it was done purposefully. I don't know if he wanted a reaction or something but he lowered his window when he was next to me, like he did it on purpose.

Dick move, I didn't give him the satisfaction of reacting or getting upset. I smiled, waved and drove off after. Just bothered the heck outta me though, cuz it was on purpose- for no reason. I wasn't getting upset or yelling about waiting, I moved over to let them do their job. Why do that? Next time I'll make it difficult for them.


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I think he may have been there for rehab. Just a thought. It is a spiritual/church "retreat".

I've got a friend who says this place is a conversion camp as well- despite being illegal in this state. I can't confirm the truth to it- but it wouldn't shock me.