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It's not quite as simple as "There's an aurora in your area", more that it'll alert you when there's significant event that could generate them. There's a graphic on that page that shows aurora forecast plots.

As for alerts, you can follow the 'subscribe' tab along the top bar. You can select a lot of alerts, but what you probably only really care about are the very high K-index alerts. When you get one, check that page and look at the aurora forecast, and if it's dipping into or close to your location it might be worth going outside and looking north.


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> The problem comes in when the replanting of those trees does not happen or they are not cared for well enough for them to survive.

When we're talking about old growth forests, there is no "replanting them" in any meaningful way. They grew in conditions that may no longer exist, and would take multiple human lifetimes to regenerate even if they were replicated. You may as well be suggesting that the fossil fuel problem be solved by hatching more dinosaurs.

Replanting and regrowing is valid for areas that have already been logged, and there is certainly an argument for responsible forestry with areas designated for repeat harvest, the same as any other crop.

Unlogged/old growth areas, however, should be considered inviolate at this point.


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You can't convince me that the WA DNR's primary role is anything but a publicly-funded holding front for private lumber & paper interests. Tons of land is essentially walled off from the public behind gates that you can ostensibly get access through, but if you try you'll find you can never actually reach anyone who can/will unlock them. I have spent literally a month of workday lunches trying. Paper & lumber company operations basically get to do whatever the fuck they want, and old-growth like this is being sold off despite being literally irreplaceable.


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> And if you can’t trust him (obviously I’m not supporting the church’s stance here) then people won’t talk.

If your deep, dark secret is that you continue to molest children...well, maybe you don't deserve to get a free pass out of any feelings of guilt you might have, or at least not from a source that will do essentially nothing to prevent you from doing it again.


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> That’s what makes me suspect this was a trial run for something bigger.

Could be that it was a trial run, could be that it was a pair of idiots who got the idea from the news. Hell, it could be both: A couple of idiots given the idea by someone who wanted disposable mooks to do a trial run for them.

Either way, it's shown a lot of folks that it isn't hard to do, and you can bet that the ones you are most worried about are among them.


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Sure, and that was something that was a sticking point decades ago. Modern heat pumps work fine in conditions commonly found in WA, and that's before even looking at the geothermally sunk ones. It is a complete non-issue for them.

Literally the only downside to a good heat pump install is the up-front cost, and since it's new construction and there are big credits right now anyway, that's a no-brainer.


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> how about we focus on building industrial scale solar in eastern WA first before pointless mandates

Heat pumps are so absurdly efficient that this is still a step in the right direction. A good heat pump install can move 3-4x the heat per watt that a resistance-based heater will make, and there are parts of WA where the climate is damn near ideal for them.

We can do two things at once, and since this is a mandate that doesn't actually require that the state do much, it makes perfect fucking sense to do it while prioritizing other initiatives as well.


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Given how someone has already pointed out that a person has basically confessed already, I think it would be imprudent to rule out the more mundane possibility that the cops in question really are that shitty at their jobs and that this has mostly been the thin blue line trying to cover for their own initial incompetence.


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Is it? I could've sworn there was a bit of trail that hooks around out of frame on the right (and gives other vantages) and allows access to that area from above and behind out of frame, basically going down a small bank before the falls.

Been a couple years since I've been there, so perhaps I'm mistaking it for another set of falls though.


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Yup, it's real. There's a little platform thingy off a ways to the right of this shot if memory serves, and it affords views in other directions. I'm thinking this was probably shot up the trail from it a bit. It's scenic, but I wouldn't expect solitude -- it's not a hard trail, and it has the novelty of being the furthest northwestern point in the continental US.