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kinda sorta imo

i tried coworking at the libbie mill library and the wifi literally didn’t tick above like 2 or 3 mbps. zoom calls and downloads were literally impossible.


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preface: i’m not a paid shill for gather; i just really struggled socially and mentally from working at home and having gather as an office has been a great decision

i’m also a remote worker and tbh joining gather at the pay-as-you-go tier has been a great decision. the one i go to downtown is basically all i’d want in an office:

  • right next to a pulse stop
  • bottomless coffee (that’s actually good!), as well as nitro cold brew
  • beer taps open every day at 4pm
  • cozy office with high ceilings
  • great patio, for when it’s nice out
  • typical office stuff (microwaves, printer(!), phone booths, etc.)
  • cool staff who throw lil events every few days
  • etc etc

i’d tried previously going to cafes and libraries to work, but neither really cut it - cafes always had annoying music with no privacy, and wifi at the library sucks. considering all the amenities they provide, the cost for gather is actually kinda reasonable imo, but i justify it (which is a bit high) bc of how much i personally value having a “second place” to go to for a full day (and being around others literally at all during the day) and the fact that my salary is higher than it would be if i was working someplace in-town.

there are still days that i’ll spend half a day at home and half at a coffee shop, but for my money, a proper coworking space is worth the investment.


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tbh i’ve been wanting to return to an office bc it’s really hard for me to network and find mentors in a remote environment. i’m a new-ish tech employee and being without those resources has kind of left me without a paddle.

plus, remote work has been isolating. i miss having impromptu interactions with coworkers and seeing others throughout the day. honestly, i don’t care about efficiency. i don’t work to be efficient, i work to make money.

what i’ve been wanting is to feel like there’s a place i can go where i have a job to do. until then, i’m kind of just chained to a laptop in my apartment.


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the beatles - don’t let me down

something about that watery wurlitzer (or a rhodes?), the plodding drums, and dreary harmonies just embody a rainy day for me. follow-up might be “flowers never bend with the rainfall” by simon and garfunkel.

edit: ooo, or "i think it's going to rain today" by randy newman. such a good fucking song. the guy hates it apparently - thinks it's too maudlin - but it's so fucking good.