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With human workers demanding higher wages and low birth rates decreasing their supply, the demand for robots is increasing. 2022 was yet another record year for robot orders in North America. The robots are expanding from assembly to material handling and other fields. Automobile industry is still the largest purchaser of industrial robots. But interest in robots from other industries is growing


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Like most European countries, Portugal is accelerating its shift to renewables

to reduce reliance on imported fossil fuels whose prices have surged

Benefitting from abundant sunshine and strong Atlantic winds

Portugal seeks to have 80% of its electricity usage coming from renewable sources by 2026


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Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory will export more than 200 thousand cars out of China in 2022. Renault and BMW are also producing electric vehicles in China for export abroad. Volkswagen will join them in 2023.

And then you’ve got the Chinese brands themselves. “SAIC saw its EV
exports jump to 78,000 vehicles in the first three quarters, mostly with
the MG brand that it acquired in 2007. Rival BYD exported 22,000
vehicles and plans to do a lot more volume in 2023 as it continues to
enter new markets. Companies including Xpeng, Nio and Great Wall also
have announced big expansion plans.


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It is the first large scale Electricity storage facility in the Republic of South Africa and on the continent as a whole. Indeed we are seeing a growing wave of such developments in various corners of the world map.

Construction will take between seven and twelve months and the batteries
on the site will be charged from the main grid via Eskom’s Elandskop
substation. The facility will have a capacity of 8 MW, equivalent to 32
MWh of distributed electricity, enough to power a town such as Howick
for four hours. Among the notable benefits of the BESS is that it will
boost the network during peak hours, thereby reducing the strain on the
network during peak hours.


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PowerNEST is an integrated solar-wind electricity system for the high rise buildings (buildings with at least five floors) . It has already been installed in five projects across the Netherlands, IBIS power is currently working on installing these units on 12 more.

According to IBIS Power, the ready-made system may create 6 to 10 times more electricity than standalone rooftop solar.