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It does suck - luckily for the L4s and L5s it's not that bad - 50% RSUs is really at L6 and/or manager roles. Levels.fyi accurately shows fairly up-to-date compensation.

It "sucks" for the VPs, which I suspect - like another commenter here - is why they raised the max base pay up significantly last year. They raised that cap in Feb 2022 just after the first post-Covid slump (which followed earnings the VPs would have known about).


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I've got a bit under a year left of sign-on that pays out monthly before the monthly-take-home cliff. Then I will take home base pay and will have to risk twelve months of work without RSUs to get the year-three RSU pay-out. And that's if I don't get laid off or face a fun set of MBRs and COEs in that interim.

So I'll have this year of still-cash compensation and decide in that year what to do for next year.

It has been very very hard to not think of my current inflated compensation as "salary." But I'll try to lower my expectations again.