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u/mohitpatel845 thank you for the compliment. The technique involved focus stacking but not exposure stacking, all the shots had the same exposure value. with modern-day cameras, you don't need multiple exposure values anymore, you can open the shadows easily in photoshop without any noise. Hope that helps


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Most of these kinds of shots are taken at 15 mm (which is the widest I have available). The angle totally depends on what I want in my composition, for example in this shot I wanted that stream and the whole reflection of the mountain in the midground, so I was higher from the ground. In some shots, there is nothing interesting in the midground, and so I am more closed to the ground and immediate foreground. Hope it helps


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Yes, multiple shots with same shutter speed & settings, but focussed at different points as the plants in the immediate foreground are quite closed. Not different focal lengths for this image as those peaks are quite big, however, I use that technique from time to time.