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$4.5k/mo budget should be plenty to get what you want (1BR + office or 2BR) as long as you are willing to do slightly older buildings. You will have a better chance of negotiating with privately owned condos vs larger rental buildings.


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German Shepard might be an issue as it’s a bigger dog + likely a restricted breed in many buildings. Other than that, you shouldn’t have that difficult of a time finding a place. Just remember that you won’t find a “perfect” place. There will be at least one or two things that won’t meet your requirements and it’s okay! Good luck!


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Which “luxury” building is this? You should just post the building details so they can look it up and decide if that’s a fair price or not. For example, if they can get a separate 1BR at a price close to what you are suggesting, they should just do that. No need to not disclose information and create unnecessary back and forth


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Night out in Manhattan will be totally ok/doable (esp 33rd or below) as you will be able to walk (or take a short uber/lyft) to the PATH. You will just need to see the schedule ahead of time because during those hours it runs much less frequently.

Brooklyn, on the other hand, can be much more difficult as you will need to rely on both the MTA and the PATH. Having to rely on one of them is risky enough lol.


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AFAIK, It’s a violation, not a crime. Re: green card and other immigration related issue, you should really talk to an immigration lawyer, not Reddit


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People who live in the Columbus apartments (90 Columbus, 50 Columbus etc) get free membership to that gym I believe. So yeah… I’m not surprised lol


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I would highly recommend AGAINST going back and confronting them about this. They will deny it and it will achieve nothing. It will add risk for you. Just move on.


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As another user said, Avalon Cove will probably fit your budget. Other “better” luxury apartments in the area will cost you more than 3k. Not by much though so if you are willing to go up to even like $3.3k, you will have a lot more options.


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The only thing I can think of is its proximity to the Red Bulls Arena. I think it’s consistently the station with the least daily ridership in NJ and like the 3rd or 4th from the bottom if we look at the entirety of the PATH system. Current daily ridership isn’t everything though. You also have to factor in future projections.