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IT also could be an official Team Truck (again owned by the moving company etc), that travels throughout the country with alot of the on field equipment for the players etc, and since its now the offseason, the company that owns the truck uses it for everyday business.


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Its just a local moving company in the Tampa Area that probably has the contract with the Bucs. All the sports teams have different contracts... Official Mover of the celtics, Official Insurance agent of the celtics.. you name it, Theres an official (whatever business type) if whatever team. Some Businesses will take it to the extreme, By being officially linked to the team, by using the team colors and logos and such in their partnership to self promote, and drum up business as the official business partner...

TLDR : Its just a Tampa Moving company that is the official mover of the Tampa Bay Bucs, which is nothing more than a business relationship between the 2 entities.


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Some of these prices could also be slightly inflated seeing how today is 12/31 and a lot of flex drivers also do Uber/Lyft, and are probably saving all their work hours and such for tonight... i honestly.. cant remember the last time there were still so many blocks available at this time during the day...


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Its not much more... i just checked the app... a 130-430 slot for today from Salem was 58.50 for 3 hours so 19.50.

3 hour slot from wimington was 61.50

Haverhill (NH border) was 66 bucks.. all 3 of these are for the same time frame and north of Boston

2pm to 5pm from Middleboro (south of the boston) was 90 bucks

2-530 from Plymouth was 122.50


so the prices vary in range... somewhere like Middleboro and Plymouth have the potential to send you to to Cape Cod, and maybe have a lot of driving miles.. versus the other locations which are probably more compact in the area in which you will deliver...


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I would say the earlier the better.... there was a news story on WBZ today about a woman who drove to logan from Worcester for a 7am flight to miami.... she was there at 5AM, and after checking bags, and trying to get through security she still missed her flight... Granted... she was definitely an immigrant, and im guessing maybe english may not have been her first language... But if the airport is that crowded, especially with the news reporting that logan had 300 (and still counting) flights Cancelled today, i can only imagine tomorrow is going to be equally just as much of a Cluster F... Id rather Waste an extra hour or 2, and be inconvenienced by having to wait in the terminal than being stuck on the outside because you cant get through the security checkpoints and such in time..


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Awolnation tomorrow night? Ill be there. I work at the venue.

I know from the replies it looks like you'll most likely be taking the Bus... just one thing to remember for yourself is that the Kenmore Bus area could be confusing. They're shutting down the D Line Branch starting at Kenmore, and They'll be using Bus service to replace the train for that branch. You should be able to pick up the Bus going back to the Waltham Yard at its normal location in Kennore Square, however, depending on certain factors which no one can plan for, that may or may not be the case tomorrow night.. Just as a heads up for you.


Also... in your planning for the Commuter Rail route and Green Line, you can go on Any Green Line train Except the E Line Trains (Heath Street), which break off after copley Square. Every other line on the Green Line split apart in different directions once they get to Kenmore Square, which is where you would get off.


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In Boston... you got one Company... they're on Long Wharf next to the Aquarium. Boston Harbor Cruises by Hornblower. I think they work in Conjunction with the Aquarium.

Unless you want to travel to like Plymouth, or Gloucester..... Plymouth has Captain John Boats, and north shore, im not familiar with the companies, but i think they sail out from Gloucester.