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“Once the towing company has your vehicle for 120 hours, they consider it and any campers, snowmobiles, jet skis, or other cars attached to or on the towed vehicle abandoned.

After it has your vehicle for 120 hours, the tow company must give DoL an abandoned vehicle report. Within 72 hours of getting that report, DoL must give the tow company your contact info.

Within 24 hours of getting your contact info, not counting weekends or holidays, the towing company must mail you a notice of custody and sale. It must get proof of mailing from the post office.

If 15 days or more have passed since mailing the notice of custody and sale, and you have not gotten your car back or challenged the towing, the towing company will sell the car and registered or titled property at public auction. Any time before the auction, you can buy back the property by paying towing and storage fees.

*The towing company must run the auction date and time in the newspaper. You can try to buy your things back at the auction.

After the auction, you may still owe the towing company up to $500 if their costs are more than what they got from selling your car. You may owe more if law enforcement authorized the impoundment.”



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There’s sites on the peninsula that are pretty much open season, but right now there’s snow up those roads. Check out Hamma Hamma rd and Duckabush rd. At least for me it beats being in a packed campground regardless of having a dog. You’re a little more remote, but isn’t that the point? You can’t camp just anywhere, but when you find a spot, you’ll know it when you see it. That’s what I’ve done. Very peaceful.