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Then don't hang anything more that the drywall that's already there. Engineered trusses are not designed to carry any floor load. They are designed only to carry the roof, and any expected snow load.

If you're considering modifying your trusses, you'll need to have a licensed engineer design the changes.

And they aren't joists. They're the bottom chord of the engineered trusses.

Seriously-- 2x4s aren't even included on span charts. Without a stamped engineer's drawing being followed, they don't carry weight when they're horizontal.


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Shellac is not among the acceptable answers. Skimcoating with drywall mud would work, but it would be very difficult because of paper shreds. As others have said, replace the drywall below the line that was the wainscoting.

Attach a straightedge to the wall to make the cut, so the new/old joint will be easier to match.


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As a child, one of the Xmas decorations that got brought out ever year was a bare branch that had been spray painted a bronze color. It had been trimmed so it would hang with one side pretty much flat to the wall, with (I think) three points of contact. My Dad had put pucture frame doodads into the branch at those points, and there were picture hooks on the wall. When the season was over, there was a framed picture that hung from one hook, and which covered the others.


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Is your 24x76 wallspace already framed with wall framing, or is that just the dimension of a wall area that has no existing door, window, outlet, switch, or other obstruction?


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Dual 3500# axles...means the total weight of the loaded trailer can be 7000#.

Don't go cheap on tires, you won't get the load rating you might neeed.


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As for tiling under and behind.... yes it would probably work, but you'll need to learn about waterproofing under and behind the tile. Tile and grout are not waterproof (surprise!)

Look into a product called Kerdi from a company called Schluter. It's made for custom tile installations and shower pans. Can be done to fit any size or shape of area. Note that the floor drain you use must be their design also -- it gets water from under the tile as well as over, into the plumbing drain.


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I had the oval ring on mine (1917 house, owned from '81 to '03). It used three anchor points to walls (tub sat in a corner). I was concerned that the fourth corner would sag, so I added a hanging post from the ceiling. All of these fittings were available by ordering together with the ring.

We then used (I think) 4 vinyl curtains, one of which closes across the front, the others were more or less stationary for the other three sides.