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When people hear body parts they immediately tend to think of organs like heart, kidneys, etc. These are strictly regulated in western medicine and hard to skirt. The provenance of an organ is checked at every step from pre-donation to post-op. But bones, skin, tendons, etc are also body parts that are used in medicine and regulated but somewhat easier to skirt because a single donation goes to a myriad of donees and unlike solid tissue, they aren’t necessarily used right away.


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Anyone seen an estimate of the cost to relocate the people and businesses affected? Also abandonment without some kind of orderly cleanup ahead of the surge would need to be included in the relocation costs. Whether you clean up the abandoned areas before they are flooded or deal with the pollution and mess afterwards there will be a high cost involved.


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Teacher here. Anyone who works with teens knows the overwhelming power of peer pressure. Then stir in the potential disapproval of an authority figure, especially if it is one you respect. Top it off with the fear you might lose your starting position or fall even further out of favor with the coach. Few teens could withstand all that.

Anyone who thinks these prayer sessions is voluntary with no coercion knows nothing about teens and has forgotten their own teenage years or - as in the case with the SCOTUS - willful liars and hypocrites.