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I mean, this is the “wall street” answer. Could they have burned some of the $0.1T cash on hand to ride out the dip in the economy? Why did they hire so much, and continue to hire even after it was clear things were slowing down in 2022? Why wouldn’t a hiring freeze + attrition and internal transfers have been enough?


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Thanks for explaining. You might be missing the point: your shiny new phone makes almost no difference in performance for most apps. You’d have been perfectly happy with the older, slower phone for a few more years.

Enjoy the tangible features. Don’t buy the latest and greatest if there aren’t any.


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The ISS has American and Russian segments—it’s literally designed so that both countries must continue to cooperate. Designed in the 90s by ex-Soviet engineers who were plenty competent (and who the US wanted to keep employed so they didn’t go off and work for the highest bidder building guided missiles or whatever). Please, go back to the 80s and tell them how you feel!


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Minimize, not maximize. I believe they can choose shorter or longer options for the descent, which I imagine depends on how perfectly the ISS’s orbit is aligned with the desired recovery zone, which would determine how many orbits the Soyuz needs to do on its own before deorbiting.

Edit: to clarify—minimize time to deorbit, while maximizing time in the Earth’s shadow since the Sun’s heat is the main thing the coolant loop needs to deal with.


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Sure, but there are redundancies and NASA has an astronaut on board, too. If NASA agrees with Russia’s technical analysis, I’ll take it.

I’m wondering if they can just plan for a quick decent that maximizes the time in the Earth’s shadow.


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Not decided yet. The leak is in the “outer” coolant loop, so the question is, how hot will the crew cabin get during the return to Earth? The “inner” coolant loop is working, but without the outer loop, it can’t radiate the heat away. They’re analyzing. If it’s safe, then they’ll skip the rescue.

Here’s the press conference: https://youtu.be/CvTN7DH23M4. The crappy Yahoo article left out all the details. The Russian spokesperson is hard to understand, though (bad audio quality).