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Probably the combo of leopard print and snarling raptor on the bikini. At least I think that's a raptor. Maybe it's a leopard.

All i can say with great certainty is that it is most assuredly snarling.


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Kind of pissed you made me google Kevin Kline to find out he was 75. Then I realized he married Phoebe at 41 when she was 26 or so, and I was like, you go, dude.

Thanks for the valuable cultural trivia.


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You speak the truth. My older sister had a 13 year old son who was an usher in my wedding. My younger sister had a 4 year old daughter who was the flower girl, and she was pregnant again.

NOBODY knew (for years) that my older sister had just gotten pregnant and miscarried before the wedding, which explained why she sat in the car. If my younger sister had known, it may have avoided years of family discord.

My greatest hope is that people would be both sensitive and to the extent possible, forthcoming about the source of very private problems. And as for friends, well, even good friends suck from time to time.

The best a good friend can do is say I'm sorry in a sincere way and hope you can keep the friend.


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I'm not going to guess who is or isn't a woman on reddit, but if I could line up boys and men, I would teach them what one should and should not say to ANY girl or woman about reproduction.

And I would hope those boys and men would collaborate with the women in their lives to help girls and women know how to address reproductive blessings and challenges in a way that doesn't cause unnecessary pain to friends and family members.

There is no greater challenge in life than remembering somebody else's grief in the midst of one's joy.


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My dear, sweet, highly qualified legal assistant of over 30 years died at 78 due to a fall at home during the covid-19 stay at home era. I wish you could see her file about the Veteran husband she had lost 20 years ago as it related to the connection between his closed head injury received while firing an artillery shell and his Crohn's disease.

We never made the connection scientifically, but she always suspected there was one, at least in terms of aggravation of symptoms.


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I'm so impressed with the comments so far from surgeons and folks who know what they are talking about, I would like to extend the inquiry. When an average citizen or family member comes upon somebody with a profound limb injury, say a teenage girl with a major shark bite below the knee, or a gunshot wound to the lower arm, would it be correct (after calling for help etcetera) to immediately apply a tourniquet of some sort as a life saving measure? As opposed to attempting to apply pressure for instance? I'm just wondering what average people should consider in the absence of immediate first responder care.


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But not in the mind of the dude who ordered the Code Red. What he considers a philosophy others might consider a sickness or an obsession. It's that belief that none of us are safe without the mean bastards. Of course he got what was coming to him.


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This. You know the truth, but you can't handle it, because you've never been on that wall. I ordered that boy beat half to death with soap wrapped up in towels because his departure would be bad for morale.


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Well this explains why the renewed push during the 1970s and 80s to adopt the metric system in the U.S. failed colossally. Somehow I became convinced as a child that understanding the metric system made me look clever, but that was before I realized most of the world had already adopted it.