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As someone who loves Tolkien. It ain’t for everybody. Without an understanding of the lore that you get in the Silmarillion some of references in the songs won’t make much sense. For me that was part of the majesty of my first read of the book. Like I said tho. It’s not for everybody


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In your opinion can a straight white man know what it’s like to be a woman? Or a person of color? Or trans? If the answer is no. Why wouldn’t they see themselves as default? It’s all they possess the capacity for. If I can’t understand what it’s like to be these petiole of course I reject art that depicts those groups of people. What could art that I can’t understand possibly do for me?


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For physical books I personally read paperbacks only. They are easier to read as the binding is less rigid and all me get get more comfortable when reading. What i do is simply read other things until a newer book I wanna read comes out in paperback. There is so much stuff already in paperback I want to read it’s not a big deal for me that I can’t read a brand new book right when it comes out. Or if I really want it I just get it in my kindle.


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Book tube is just a bunch of infomercials for books. As for subjective/objective good writing. It’s ok to let people like things. I’m big into fantasy and there are authors that write nothing but generic, derivative dribble that people think makes them the second coming of Tolkien. That’s ok tho. Let people like things.


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Right now I’ve got a reading order for my kindle and one for physical books. The Kindle reading list is mostly larger fantasy novels while the physical books are mostly $10 paperbacks. As for the order I’m reading 3 series currently. I alternate between series. Paperback is just one off novels.