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Why does it matter if your GF doesn't call you by your new name? If you fail to become a good actress it won't be because your girlfriend called you your original name. People go by many names and nick names. My grandma still calls me by a nick name people called me when I was a baby that nobody else has called me for decades. She calls me that in public and everywhere even though everyone else has moved on from that name. If I fail to get a promotion at work it won't be because my Grandma came to visit and called me my baby name. I'm not offended or say it is disrespectful and make her call me by my real name. Even if I became President she can still call me by my baby name and I'm not going to force her call me Mr. President just because everyone else at work does. I have a special relationship with my Granda so even if everyone else has to call me Mr. President she can still call me my old name. I would think your girlfriend was special to you too and can call you by your original name. To her you are {old name}, not {new name}. If you don't think she is special enough to be even grandfathered in to use your old name and has to be so formal she has to use your new work name then you probably should just let her go to find someone else who thinks she's special.


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My car got broken into, the small window at the back got smashed. So I startef leaving the empty glove box and coin holder open. A couple months later it got broken into again! So I started leaving my window rolled down. And a few months later they smashed the little window again without even checking the window was open! Cost $300 deductible each time to replace the glass.


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Unfortunately the boomers decided to do the opposite. They crossed bridges their forefathers built and then blew them up so everyone else behind them would have a tougher time crossing. That way they could claim they were the best generation getting across faster than the people before them. And claim they worked harder than all the lazy people behind them struggling to get across.