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> without finding the NIC has changed and the drivers I’ve bundled don’t work.

Man, I wish that was true. Sure, they’re not going to change it without saying, but finding that your exact model number is no longer available, and now they can only supply one with slightly different internals due to parts shortages, is not as rare as I would like.

Luckily we’ve moved on from imaging devices, so it’s no longer a problem.


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> The internet is also hurting people’s ability to grasp nuance.

I absolutely agree with this, and I think that extends to logic too. (Too often ‘not A’ is taken to mean ‘B’, when it could be any other letter.)

I also think a factor is that Reddit has attracted more younger people, particularly teenagers, who tend to naturally be a bit more contrarian and absolutist. This means that the top comments often tend to be the opposite of the post.

Which leads me on to my other point which is I think that a lot of the recent influx of users don’t really understand or care about subs, so just see something on their front page and interact with it in the same way.

So a positive sub like this gets doubly hit.


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> The point is if there’s more people you see on reddit that feel like doomers, maybe that’s simply because there’s more people lol.

I’m not sure that logic holds though, as you’d also expect to see more positive people to counterbalance that.

I think the proportion of unwaveringly negative people has increased.

I think it’s due to a demographic shift in Reddit users as much as anything, but have no real way of knowing.


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> Also, don’t assume that in the final implementation, China will be allowing any of those protected areas close to its waters.

They will if they want more fish. When these areas have been implemented elsewhere, the unprotected areas immediately surrounding the protected ones saw a large increase in the amount of fish, as they spilled over from the protected areas.


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Also some of the things that Michelin looks for in French restaurants also naturally overlaps with Japanese ones. Like most Michelin star restaurants will serve smaller portions, neatly plated. That’s how many Japanese dishes are commonly served by default.


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This chart has just starkly illustrated to me why movies that I like are increasingly hard to find. The wider public clearly significantly prefer the type of movie that I really don’t like, or at least are willing to spend more money to see them.

I’m not saying that they or I have better taste, just that the studios are obviously going to cater to the group that brings in more money, and unfortunately I’m not part of it.


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> Well buddy, how much do you think it costs today?

Well it depends on how local, doesn’t it? Like a trip from Bad Nauheim to Frankfurt followed by six short singles over the weekend is around €28.

That’s my point about what ‘medium’ means - if you can travel a few hours to a city for €49, then it makes more sense.