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For sure. I was a bit drunk and felt like it was the right time to spew some anti-Common Man rhetoric haha. I guess I’d say my hope for any New Hampshire resident is that they get to have some dining experiences that make them realize how mediocre the Common Man chain is. :)


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This is probably blasphemy but I’m born and raise NH and Common Man is so bland, boring, and the fact that they seem to think they’re “fine dining” is hilarious. If you go anywhere with actual quality restaurants, they put Common Man to shame. Common Man is high society for people who don’t know anything about society.


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And then THEY turn around and say stuff like, “everything was fine until Obama made everything about race.” When what they mean is, “I was comfortable with my social station and now I’m losing my goddamn mind because the country is being led by someone I believe is inherently inferior to me, so what does that make me?”

A lot of people had big racist existential crises. It’s like saying everything was fine until that Asian guy decided to be all… Asian. It’s his fault that I’m so mad he’s Asian.


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For the last bit I’d say it’s more “rich, out of touch kids who don’t need to have an income to survive, and out of touch old people afraid of progress.” Not that there isn’t always some in between but I don’t see many middle age average working folks represented because they simply can’t afford to be a legislator.


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Molecular clouds. That’s not a void in space, you’re seeing. It’s one of the coldest and darkest places in the universe.

Also, bow shock. It’s literally a star’s forceful making a wake through interstellar dust.

Black holes, of course.

Gamma ray bursts. This article is about one that was pointed straight at us last year, but we were far enough away for it to just tickle our atmosphere. The second picture is essentially looking down the barrel of the biggest gun in the universe.


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Reply to comment by [deleted] in Button up! by HazardousWeather

It’s actually incredibly self centered and oblivious of you to react like, “won’t hurt me. Nothin’ to see here.”

You’ll be fine. I’ll be fine. Most people will be fine, but if warnings like this can save one life, or prompt someone to call their mom who lives alone, for example, and make sure she’s got a plan to stay safe and warm, isn’t it worth it?

As opposed to your view which is the classic “fuck you! Not my problem so I don’t want to even KNOW it’s being discussed.” Grow up dude.


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Wow! That’s… wow, that’s cool. I’m sure I could tell you why if I had an art degree but I’m sticking with cool.

Me: paraphrasing what I said to my friends when I saw this

ETA: I zoomed in. Please zoom in if you’re reading this.