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I had a pizza delivered and the driver knocked and was getting in his car when I chased him down for a tip. I felt a bit ridiculous, was I dumb for tipping on top of delivery fee?

I only get pizza delivered because food delivery is confusing and complicated.

Maybe a smaller tip when there is a delivery fee, IDK. The delivery fee was just under 5 dollars. I tipped $4 for a $15 dollar pizza. It was fast, convenient, and very good.

The last time I picked up a pizza I was told how their work had doubled but not their pay. SMH


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If you want to buy it over the counter you might be able to. I remember someone else that wanted to get one without a doctor for reasons. (I think they were on Vacation) It still had to be ordered and was expensive.

It is covered by prescription so people get them and get them replaced. Prescriptions get them to people and get replaced regularly. This system gets a life saving treatment to people that need it.


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I just went through this, make sure you have good contact with the screw. I had bolts and used a socket. Put as little wd040 on it as you can. Then work the screw as much as you can, I had maybe 1/4 turn I could make back and forth. Then I let is sit for a while and when I came back I slowly had success. Then I did it again. Ha, I haven't switched the front plate yet it has 3 different screwheads, UGH. I would think the do that on the back not the front.