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FTFY, because the FBI begs to differ

In 2019 (last publicly released data from what I can gather) we had 25 murders that whole year, and less than half of them of them were with firearms.

None of them were with rifles of any kind (contrary to the push for an "assault weapons ban" rifles quite literally are not a problem here) - more people were killed by knives (7), bludgeoning instruments (6), and hands and feet (2) than rifles of any kind, not just so called "assault weapons".


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RIGL 23-27.3 & RIGL 45-24.3 are what you're looking for for building code and occupancy code respectively.

>It is also the landlord's responsibility to make sure all electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, and other facilities (and appliances provided as part of the rental agreement) are kept in operable condition and meet housing code standards.


>He or she is also obligated to provide hot and cold running water at all times and must provide heat (68 degrees minimum but it may be higher under some local ordinances) between October 1st and May 1st, except when heat or hot water are generated by an installation controlled solely by the tenant and supplied directly by a public utility connection.

RI Landlord-Tenant Handbook(PDF) is your friend, and should be your LL's too. Seems like they're one of the ones that give the rest of us a bad name.


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Looking for any logic in laws relating to firearms, weapons, or anything self-defense related is a fools errand - unless of course you understand the real logic behind it, that the state want's a monopoly on violence and the ability to defend itself.

This law was rendered unconstitutional per Caetano v. Massachusetts some years back, which is binding to RI and the AG's office did say they would respect it.

That being said - our esteemed state legislature has decided not to strike the law from the books yet.

RI is one of, if not THE safest state in the union, and has enjoyed (up until recently) a healthy respect for the 2A. That is all slated to change however as last year they passed a magazine capacity bill under questionable methods, and signs point to them doing the same this year with an "assault weapons" ban.

Meanwhile - you can count on one hand the number of times rifles affected by such a ban (or high capacity magazines) were used in crime in RI year over year, and if you want to be pedantic, with both hands you can count all gun crime (assuming you don't count those committed by the police).

OP - FWIW I carried a Taser Pulse for a few years when I had to go into anywhere I couldn't bring my legal handgun - mostly just NYC - but I was fortunate enough to never have to use it.

I abhor all the restrictions on your ability to defend yourself, especially since as you described yourself as a "small (sic) female with no self defense skills" - you need something to balance the scales and even the playing field. It is unfortunate that the state legislature seeks more and more to strip that ability from you. That being said - the best thing you can do is to try to get yourself out of your situation as quickly as possible. That should be your first priority. Once that is sorted - myself (and any other member of the r/riguns community I'm sure) would be more than happy to walk you through whatever the next steps you seek in order to defend yourself adequately to your own comfort.

Good luck!


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As a fellow Ex NYer - there are loads of us it seems - I am watching this thread with great interest.

As a corollary - I've found Cindy's Diner in Scituate (I think) is the closest to a traditional NY/NJ style diner in the state, and would recommend that as well.


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> Can’t yell fire in a crowded theater.

Good lord I am sick and tired of hearing this. Do they not teach civics anymore? Brandenburg v. Ohio & Hess v. Indiana overturned most of Schenck v. United States.

The fact that this "yelling fire in a crowded theater" myth has continued on well into the information age is a blight on the education system.

Unless the 1A execution/speech in question would "incite imminent lawless action" it is protected speech. The test for what qualified as "imminent lawless action" isn't exactly a cakewalk either. It requires specifics, and actionable statements/plans.


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Not to be pedantic, but a candle can throw ~100 BTUs of heat energy.

While it might not be appreciable vs. a mini-split unit or other HVAC, to say it is not providing heat is a complete misnomer. Grab a candle by the top or the jar, or from the top of the jar and tell me it isn't throwing heat.

I'm not suggesting that two or three candles are going to heat a whole house by any means, but it certainly is throwing off heat.


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Same mate. My electricity usage went down (because we're being cognizant of it) and my bill still tripled.

Can never get through to anyone to dispute it or get an understanding of it. I'm sure I'm one of several thousands calling.

edit - apparently it was a solar energy credit issue. They over credited me, and my bill pay service/community solar management company (Arcadia) billed me for the inflated amount.


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Doesn't matter. People did and nothing happened. People showed up to the committee hearings on the recent gun control and nothing happened. The assholes in the statehouse will do as they like regardless of what we do/say.