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Well, that’s exactly the point complaining on Reddit doesn’t do anything to decrease crime, or hold officials accountable. There is no official dc complaint line on Reddit. The mayors office doesn’t accept Reddit comments…. it doesn’t do anything


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Regardless… the point is the Reddit posts are just people’s way of sharing their complain

This story is 3 paragraphs doesn’t give a description of the suspect etc etc

The op just wants to complain about bowser. Which is warranted for tons of reasons. But I doubt she’ll check Reddit this am

Is the op’s intent to inform us of this crime problem we are all so unaware of?

It’s like me posting weather updates every 12 hours



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Lol settle down drama queen.

You want the mayor to walk around at night in a bat suit fighting crime??

You want her to give a statement by 9am about every crime in the city?

You’re coming off whiney and entitled. Put in the work or go about your business

Sideline politics and Reddit gripes about elected officials…. Really much much more useful than what city council does


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Also learned >> anyone with an understanding of learning/education will tell you setting matters so yeah he learned this from??? Society?! And i dunno man but society definitely is effected by things like wealth inequality and lack of resources for the mentally I’ll

But yeah go Ahead and Believe we are all innocent and this kid is just bad inherently and he should just be locked in prison so you can feel better about not wanting to force change in society to raise better children.

But yeah dog. It’s all on him and his parents let’s not think any further than that


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Reply to comment by gutterbrain73 in PSA for DC drivers by mikeydhakid

Nah he’s probably one of those folks that just likes to bitch and complain if he lived in Wichita He’s post the same thing in r/Wichita

Some Humans really just wanna give their opinion on almost everything. Reddit has just given a platform to those negative folks who wanna complain about all the personal pet peeves they have

Like I loveeeeee coming on Reddit and telling people to stop complaining

It’s my way of complaining!