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I agree with you, but most in this thread imagine that improvement is just too hard and we should just accept things as they are and let our corporate overlords bask in their wealth while we just we accept days and days without power every winter.


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Grow up, Suzy. It's possible to ask if a corporation that is gouging us for extremely high rates is doing everything they can to mitigate service impact while also not being in fear for one's life. I'll be fine, but hopefully someone is thinking about how to make these problems less common.


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I've been looking with no success. I've started ordering XCJ frozen soup dumplings. Actually really good from frozen after an 18 minute steam.


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To be clear, I understand that is the source of the problem, but there doesn't appear to be any resiliency. It seems like every tree fall hits a single point of failure that wipes out huge areas. I get it; multiple trees fall, but looking at the outage map, I doubt 20 trees suddenly all fell at exactly the same moment and the fact that one or two falls led to this large of an outage is wild.


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Who the hell is demanding urinals in the girls bathroom? The demand is to put full length stalls in, which is the correct demand. I have to admit that I don't know all the ins and outs of this issue, but you are the first person I've seen suggest that anyone is trying to put urinals in the girls bathroom.


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Considering nothing happened, there is no victim not being believed.

Meanwhile, no one just blanket says "believe victims" with no context related to what they were supposedly victimized by. "Believe victims" is in the context of sexual assault; is the claim that the person was sexually assaulted?

I'm also not a person that has ever claimed that anyone claiming to be a victim should be automatically believed, especially if that person has a compelling reason to lie. In this case, the person has a reason to back their brain-dead degenerate parents' play.

The sensible middle-ground to your construct is "Seriously investigate claims, but in the absence of evidence, consider the source". I'm not going to abandon all reason because of some weird set of rules invented on Twitter.


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How about you have stall dividers that actually go to the ground while you're at it? Public bathrooms are designed in a way that privacy would even be a concern in order to save money. The idea that people are looking at my pants around my ankles and can look through a crack to watch me shitting is crazy. If those weren't the stakes, then it doesn't matter who is in what bathroom.


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"it allows me to more seriously consider his and his wife's allegations." Give me a break. I get what you are doing, establishing an air of "fairness" or some other kind of attempt at virtuous neutrality, but we've seen the bullshit that is being thrown around to try to cause issues like this nationally. It never contains a thread of legitimacy. Giving the benefit of the doubt to people like this is not virtuous and it's not even open-mindedness; it's a purposeful dismissal of basic facts in an attempt to present neutrality to those who aren't paying attention to the world around them. You really think it's possible that a trans kid is running around bullying cis kids in restrooms? And the only one that has complained about it happens to be the child of a well-known fear-monger on the issue? Isn't it more likely that these nutcases are, like always, willing to lie to try to make their ridiculous points?


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There's actually a version of your argument that could work, but yours is so dogshit that it's embarrassing. I think that you think you are coming off as "no nonsense", but you just sound like a dipshit. Take your thought to its logical conclusion. What's going to happen if a 10 year old boy is in the same bathroom as a 10 year old girl? Is the boy going to rape the girl or something? What is the moral decay that occurs in that bathroom once this sacred "dicks&vag" rule is violated? If a bathroom is designed in such a way that you are seeing vaginas, the bigger problem seems to be the design of the bathroom.


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You are the first person that has ever described me as an "anti-technologist". I work at one of the largest tech companies in the world, remotely over the internet, seated in front of a 55 inch QD-OLED that I use as a monitor. I bought 3 new tvs in the last year and have built a new computer at least every 2 years for the last 20. Knowing how the grid works isn't "anti-technologist". The idea that power companies aren't making money, or that the "northern pass" is the only way to fix that, comes from a hopelessly simplistic view of energy policy that is driven entirely by industry propaganda that says "if only you'd give us everything we want everything would be so much better". You're a mark.


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I'd get your land posted. There are just so many dipshits out there doing whatever they want. Now you've got people installing equipment on your land. I've only got 5 acres, but if I had a big property, I just don't think I could trust the type of people running around these days to have access to it.


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The people can choose to get better jobs; the dog can't choose to fix its back. Meanwhile, at least some of the people that are having a hard time getting by are assholes. I'd rather my money go to relieving the pain of a dog than stuffing the face of an asshole.


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She's reacting like this because she knows there will be an army of smooth-brained dipshits saying shit like "See! Democrats don't care about NH!" No one with an IQ above 30 thinks it's reasonable for NH to demand the first primary for the rest of time. It's ridiculous.

Quite frankly, the idea that the only way we can pick our presidential candidates is if they meet the maximum number of people possible in various diners around each state is so anachronistic and stupid. Run your campaign, visit where you must, put your message out in live online events/debates and let's all vote in the primary on the same day.


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Your problem isn't Massachusetts (other than maybe the gun stuff), it's living in a shitty part of Mass. I've lived in central MA and it doesn't feel all that fundamentally different in NH after being here a few years. Almost all of the benefit of lower income taxes have been erased by ridiculous property taxes. If you are going to have kids, you'll still have worse schools unless you live in towns with truly insane property tax on top of extremely high priced real estate. Any place within striking distance to Boston will be as expensive, if not more, than similar commutes within MA. The job market doesn't even come close to comparing.

The trick is to actively seek out a role that has growth possibilities that are fully remote, assuming you can't find something fully remote that is available now. If you get your foot in the door in a place in Boston, or Newton, or Framingham, or the 10 other places within MA that all have viable tech sectors, then you can parlay that into a fully remote position and go wherever you want and not pay state income tax; you get the benefit of the MA job market with the eventual other benefits of NH down the road.

I guess you have no choice but to follow the jobs at this point if you can't find something in NH.


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Every republican in NH that I've seen quotes from on the subject has spouted the same "it's a gateway drug" bullshit that we've been hearing forever. They've got big "live free or die" energy until it's about something they don't give a shit about and suddenly it's "there's a slight risk that something bad might happen, better safe than sorry".


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I think it's close enough, somehow, that it would be a shit show. Somehow the senate race is tightening. The house races in NH are closer than they should be. It sounds crazy, but I think slightly elevated gas prices have somehow made folks forget how dangerous and useless the right is.