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Who is fantasizing killing kids? Is that your inability to comprehend thoughts and feelings outside of your own? You’re right. You’re not going to get involved in that because you’re not going to get involved in anything because you would rather delegate that to men and women stronger/smarter or weaker/dumber because you have no real thoughts.

If the state won’t prosecute this shit and the parents don’t care/aren’t there then ultimately it’s going to get left in the hands of people like you, me, the guy pictured. The kid stealing the car has to decide if it is worth getting shot over. I have to worry about the kid deciding his right to my stuff is more important than my life and safety. Maybe after a few of these kids get aired out in the fucking street the state and prosecutors will step back in the arena and do their jobs. But until that day, I think this guy makes a strong case for open season. They can’t arrest all of us, can they.


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We don’t agree. These kids need punishments for the crimes. They can be “rehabilitated” but not without consequences. You seem to advocating for no consequences. To just let them steal, rob, without the fear of ever facing consequences. Which is far more damaging. There is help for the kids doing this. But not for you.


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You’re demanding others get stolen from and just deal with it for now until we can find a solution that may not even exist. I’d rather protect myself, my family, and the neighborhood kids from you than the criminals jacking cars. They can be rehabilitated or put in a position to learn a lesson, positively or negatively sometimes. Your mentality is far more damaging and dangerous.


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What causes crime? Like societal factors or malignant narcissism, anti social personality disorder, etc. Are you suggesting this is race based or income based, or what? It sounds like you have a victim mentality that you project onto others. You may not be committing crimes but the people that do are victims?


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Oh you’re going to end crime? I didn’t know. It’s been such a long time. Thanks. In which branch of Us state government are you in to enact these legislative miracles?

I did a lot of volunteer work in the late 90s/2000s, up until about 2009. I repainted the the Boys and Girls club years ago and other odds and ends when it was behind the North End prison. I worked with PAL. A lot of stuff. Believe me, you’re not ending crime anytime soon. Not by throwing them in jail, not by ignoring it, not by advocating that the criminal is the victim. But remain in your fantasy if that’s what keeps you comfortable


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So not prosecuting anything is the solution and telling people such as the guy pictured “don’t you fucking dare do anything about it”? I don’t think this is going to have the effects you’re absolute sure it will. Should we stop prosecuting home invasion because the rate of recidivism is high? I mean, they’re just taking stuff that can replaced, right? Who cares if people have to live in fear of having their cars and homes broken into so someone else can have a nice hot meal and feel secure. Am I understanding you correctly?


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What’s not true? The consequences and punishments for the teenagers were basically abandoned for fear of being racist and the car break ins and property crime spiked? That part? These kids, while dumb, know this. They understand they’re not gonna face much from the legal system so there is no real deterrent. Now, if they start thinking they’re going to face retribution from the person they’re stealing from they’ll either stop and think or escalate. By removing the legal repercussions, the state put you and I in the uncomfortable position of either “should I let them just take it and spend weeks/months haggling with insurance companies or just go spend the dollar amount to buy new shit” or “I’ll just end it right here, thanks.”

Idk about you but I also have to feed my family and myself. I’m not rich by any means. Do you really think people are going to adopt that mindset of just allowing their belongings to stolen so some shithead teenager can go buy some insert racial stereotype item here? Seriously


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But in our society we stopped punishing the crimes so your thoughts and feelings are as useless as you.

Yes, scared shitless. My man here fired a couple shots at a piece-of-shit kid. Maybe this will be his wake up call. Maybe this is the moment when he turns it all around. Or it’s the moment where he decides he’ll never go stealing and robbing without a gun again and the next time he does this he kills someone.

Then you pat yourself on the back because you thought never prosecuting thefts and car break ins was such a progressive idea.


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Do they? Would you prefer I rephrase to cater to your delicate sensibilities since you pose no other solutions? These kids aren’t getting in trouble. They think nothing is going to happen. And what happens next? They get a little bolder. Maybe they get a little pushback from one of their victims. So the next time they bring a weapon with them. Maybe they use it. Maybe some poor young pregnant woman goes to get something out of her car at the wrong time and gets shot, loses the baby which destroys her mental health, and leads to life of depression and anxiety. All because you don’t want to prosecute teenage boys for crimes.


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Are you invalidating my experiences with women and the personal conversations I’ve had with them about how they felt, continue to feel, and the complications they suffered as a result because you don’t like what I wrote? I may be a fuckin dick but I don’t do that. Hearing these stories better shaped my feelings and opinions about abortions as I used to be firmly against it. I no longer feel that way however the people that created that situation should be financially responsible for it. I also thinks it is irresponsible to say that is the biggest issue in CT since we’ve already declared CT an abortion sanctuary.