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Yes, you are making a point that the other guy isn’t talking about. If you wanna cherry pick and make some niche argument then yes, Iran hasn’t done what you’re saying. But if you want to be reasonable and pragmatic, Iran has caused the deaths of many US service members and acted directly against American interests countless times.

This is like trying to make a point that Ted Bundy never killed anyone in Vermont when the conversation is about serial killers.


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It makes me happy to see comment sections on this subreddit go against the grain when it comes to most of Reddit about Elon Musk. Most of the time people get tunnel vision and won’t allow themselves to admit or acknowledge the amazing things SpaceX is doing due to their emotional attachment of hatred for Elon Musk (although much of his criticism is well deserved)


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To add on to other peoples answers, within our own solar system everything is for the most part going to be on the same plane +/- a certain amount of degrees because of angular momentum when the solar system first formed. There might be other systems that are “up” and “down” but intentionally reaching other systems is out of mankind’s scope for now.