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No, we do not get paid for picket duty. Years ago our members were asked to picket certain jobsites if we were out of work. Now instead of doing that every member is required to picket twice a year regardless of whether we are working or not. It's better that way. There were years where I spent 4-6 weeks out of the year picketing various jobsites and some members didn't picket at all. Now it's just a few days and every member shares picket duty equally.


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I read somewhere that even with all the recycling programs worldwide, only about 5% of human waste is actually recycled and reused. Not really making much of a dent. I'm for recycling but it definitely needs to be more efficient.


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That's what should be done, but unfortunately it won't. The developers will most likely require any businesses or residents of the future projects to sign an agreement waiving legal rights in the event that they are exposed to toxic substances and become sick. This was the case at Sienna Place, a residential development build directly across from the refinery on 26th street. The people who bought homes there have no legal protection from the fact they bought on the contaminated land.


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That was me. Worked there for many years. There is absolutely no way that land can be properly cleaned up to the point where it is safe for humans to occupy. I feel bad for any contractors/workers who are tasked with excavating and building on land in that zone and for any people who may end up living/working there in the future.