deepaksn t1_j2yu6mx wrote

Uh.. this isn’t how GPS works.

The signals from the satellites are the same regardless of the receiver. The only thing that was different was selective availability where civilians got a less accurate signal but even this has been removed.


deepaksn t1_j2ytuu2 wrote

It would have to be like an extreme version of RVSM—probably solely based on a very accurate WAAS type GPS with RNP 0.01 (60 feet) or better and vertical separation of 100 feet or less (think Blade Runner, Fifth Element, Jetsons, Coruscant flying cars) and as automated as an elevator (people only selecting destinations… not operating the vehicle).

But yeah the biggest problem is actually flying. Endurance related to energy density, power to weight, as well as effects on surroundings and safety (the smaller the rotor/thruster.. the more turbulence and blast is created).