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It's sort of understated horror in a way. The horror comes from the normalization of said use of the body more than intending to scare you. The scene where Das Muni gives Zan >!her afterbirth to drink !<evoked a reaction in me that actual violence depicted in other books does not. I'm reading Mirror Empire right now and while it's no where the level of the Stars are Legion this seems to be a thing that Hurley tends to go for.


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Alien (1979) goes here, but it's a film.

We need more rogue spaceship AI taking control over its human crew. Like the stuff in the soap operas mentioned in the Ancillary Justice books. Or aliens that simply do not value human life for whatever reason - either cause they're too non-human or have a different set of moral standards. People getting lost in space in a universe without any other life and having to contend with the horrific reality that they are well and truly alone.

Agree that we need more horror.


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A lot of scifi/fantasy or romance from the Aughts/early 10s had these cheap photoshop of generic pictures of hot people usually women and some other poor photoshoped plot important object thrown in for measure. Looked like it took all in all max 20 minutes to do. Chuck Tingle's book covers seem to riff on this trend


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Reply to comment by ZeroNot in Cancelled books? by FaithlessnessOdd9006

People also don't seem to be interested in continuing a series even if the next book is available for various reasons. This is a phenomenon I've seen my library in libby. The first book in a series you've got to wait weeks for, but you can check out the sequel(s) any time you like


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Well food would cost more. And if you add other factors - childcare, transportation costs, certain bills - with more people in the household, there's gonna be more utilities used. I was thinking of those factors. But you're right if there's a difference in the grand scheme of things, it likely wouldn't be much. Though in the more easy to see aspects, again food, will go up (also buying diapers while buying school supplies) would give the impression that things are more expensive. Which is a stressor even if not as big of a difference


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I tried to look up if there's much information about this topic in particular. The fact that this question was the first to pop up says a lot about that in that front.

That being said, the closest you'd get would be the difference between a nuclear family with one child versus two kids and maybe three kids. A larger family of 12 or 13 an additional child or not would likely not have a significant effect. In that sense, there is research on that. Children cost money to raise, and with every additional child the costs go up exponentially, depending on other factors - access to money, food, clothing, other lifestyle factors - vacation time, travel necessities etc. would have an impact on the life of the children give or take one or 2. Lack of secure resources puts more strain on family relationships. Single children have more time devoted to them by their parents than families with more of them, but the significance of this has been disputed for the most part. Smaller families are associated with better IQ, job outcome, academic achievement than larger families, which tend to get married younger and have more kids at an earlier age. It's not exactly what you're looking for, but it might help.


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The left right brain idea is not only a myth as u/BlackHoleHalibut points out, but evidence has shown pretty paltry (if applicable) difference between women and men skillwise (in practice) and biology-wise. Things that were accepted as the norm back then (ie women being bad at math) were shown in later years as more women got into university were found to be negligible. Environment plays a great role in the manifestation of certain traits - socialization (it's generally accepted or expected women to be more social or emotional, while boys are taught to sublimate their emotions in different ways), something called the self-fulfilling prophecy or an expectation coming true cause the people it pertains to make it happen in part cause they are convinced it's inevitable. That isn't to say there aren't cases where gender presentation is different. Schizophrenia tends to manifest less severely in women and later in life - though in part due to the protective factor (something that helps manage a trauma or disease) that is estrogen. Women have been documented more at risk of developing Alzheimer's but the reasoning is still being researched.