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So if Italy goes to war with Russia, Israel will cease to supply them weapons? Or worse, ban them from using the weapons they already bought in order to maintain its “gold standard”? Why would anyone purchase Israeli weapons under this absurd logic. The real answer is that Israel has decided helping Ukraine isn’t worth antagonizing Russia


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> Zhilin had to cross the border illegally because as an FSB officer he was not allowed to leave the country. He asked for political asylum in Kazakhstan, but his request was rejected and he was arrested.

> Zhovtis believes that Kazakhstan was under pressure to extradite Zhilin to Russia and described it as a “sad situation,” implying that Zhilin is being "handed over simply to die."


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The US and most of its allies went all in on the battle rifle concept based on their experiences in WW2, especially the success of the M1 Garand. This led to the G3, FAL, and M14. The Soviet experience led them to the assault rifle concept. It’s important to note that the Eastern front was larger and had a lot more combat than any other theater of the war.

Weapons in the Korean War were primarily WW2 designs, so it’s not surprising that the US didn’t realize the superiority of assault rifles until the M14 faced the AK47 in Vietnam