delicatearchcouple t1_j6lh1ji wrote

Well I'll just reply to myself since you're such a tender little thing that you went and blocked me...

Do you buddy. Just not going to get you anywhere and going to further alienate yourselves as evidenced by everything you cited.

Remember how no one gave a fuck about drag shows until every headline had to mention trans people? Then you get the backlash from the ignorant minority and they double down and rally their troops against you.

Then the general public has trans fatigue and is less helpful to your cause, more quick to dismiss your issues, and eager to focus on anything else but the constant background noise of finger pointing and victim identity. The focus is on the stupid one liner bullshit and not on the actual suffering of the folks you care about.

So you have whipped your enemies into a fervor (knowing that they currently have more power than you) all while alienating and exhausting potential allies.

If this is the approach that makes the most sense to you, then get it. Do you.

I just don't see it as effective. Seems to be a poor choice pragmatically.


delicatearchcouple t1_j01f35m wrote

Assuming you own a gun, it is not an irrational fear. It's certainly within the realm of possibilities.

An irrational fear would be if I worried about a bunny shooting me in the face.