dentris t1_ixzvbab wrote

"Reforms you say? What kind of reform are we talking about son?"

The Dread King Solastrion stood serious besides the piles of parchment brought to him by his beloved son, Pastrial.

"Father, when you unified the 12 kingdoms under your banner, things had to be done to maintain the peace. Many warlords we're eager to raise armies and challenge your right to the throne, but this time has passed. For two generations, citizens of the Empire lived in peace. And they now yearn for freedom more than ever."

The prince took a few of the parchment and opened them in front of his father.

" This law, for example, would allow the construction and maintenance of orphanages and publich schools all around the Empire. This other one would allow for greater access to the justice system for all. Judges will also have to answer to the law instead of their whims. And this last one would force government officials to divulge their earnings in an effort to fight corruption."

The Dread King sat down and pondered about his son's initiative.

" And you really think this will help? I really don't see how!"

"Father, you are 63 years old. You've done a lot for the Empire and made it a force to be reckoned with. But divisions are stronger than ever. Rebels have no trouble recruiting and I'm afraid they are bolstered by the upcoming succession. I hope from the bottom of my heart you still have decades before you, but one day, I'll be the Emperor. And I still want an Empire when that time comes. If we can show our subjects we are agents of change, show them I can push the Empire to even greater heights, the rebellion will die out. You'll cement your legacy and songs about the glorious Dread Kings will be written for centuries."

The Dread King couldn't help but smile. He adopted his son when he was a baby, after having brutally killed his parents. A prophecy foretold the child would be the one the end his evil reign. He always thought fate wanted him to die by his hands, but it appears the Weavers had other plans. His evil reign will end, and be replaced by the good King Pastrial after a peaceful succession.