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A productive member of society from a parent usually just means being self sufficient and not depending on others for their care/well being. If living in a forest is what you want, cool, just better be ready to support that lifestyle.


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Prophylactic hysterectomy are typically only performed on women with high risk gene mutations. Three of the top mutations for endometrial cancer are also indicators for ovarian cancer, because of this, removal of ovaries and tubes are recommended when those genes are present.

We're getting into pretty individualized situations, not general prevention as this article is discussing.


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Sure but we're talking about endometrial cancer prevention/treatment which the most effective treatment is a full hysterectomy. Even if an partial hysterectomy is performed it still does not prevent ovarian cancer which, while less common, is far more deadly.

The whole point of this study is the hormones introduced from pregnancy, particularly progesterone, are what have the benefit for cancer production. Hysterectomies are not typically performed for preventative care.


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Nobody is forcing childbearing. However, I do highly encourage you do some research on hysterectomy before being nonchalant about the procedure. Early menopause and cardiovascular disease risks alone should be enough to realize, hysterectomies are a last resort option, not a default or preventative care.