designbat t1_j9y78o4 wrote

"Hey!" The middle aged man snapped awake, drawing his attention away from the glass, but still appearing dazed.

"No lookie-loos, it's $25" I said.

'What?' he asked.

"The mirror you've been staring at for 10 minutes. $25, cash only." 'umm.. oh, right. No thanks.'

"Off you tot, then."

The man stumbled further into the home and picked up a book of a dresser in the adjacent room.

"Another one, eh?" my partner asked.

"Yeah, all lookers, but no buyers. I've found 10 people staring at that mirror just today. We didn't price it too high, right?"

"No, it's a steal. Easily more to the right collector." replied my compatriot, fixing her hair. "Doesn't matter though, tomorrow's Sunday, half price."

"How'd this lady die again?"

"Client's mom? Suicide. Curled up by that spooky thing too."

"Ugh. Maybe call up that antique shop with the ghost hunter kid. I bet he'd give us $50."

"Good idea! Hey, want to go for Thai after?"


I looked over at the mirror again and an old woman stood staring into it and weaping. She reached towards the glass expectedly, while a soft whispering filled the room.

"HEY! You touch it, you brought it, lady!"

The noise stopped. The lady blinked and seemed suddenly awakened to her surroundings.

"It's 25, discounted tomorrow since you're on a fixed income."

The woman, bearings restored, looked mildly offended before she wandered away.

I can't wait till this estate sale is over.