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Imo the 750 dollar price point is either a controlled leak to make us pleasantly surprised when they go for a still bad 650-700 or is the price of an ASUS Strix and the real MSRP will be lower.

Because even in the badly priced Ada lineup, 750 for a 4070 makes absolutely no sense when the 4070 TI is 800.


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That's pretty neat. Something else that would be cool would be having the eink panel sit on top of an LCD. Then just turn off the LCD and output to the eink. Afaik, eInk panels are transparent or can be made so when they have no ink on them.

I think some smart watches do this (use eInk for the always on time and OLED otherwise) and it's really neat.

Or maybe a dot matrix top display


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It depends on the game. Multiplayer games with battle passes and microtransactions yes. But there's tons of quality single player games out there.

The thing people forget is that arcade games were addicting, and designed to be. They were relatively short high score challenges with a high difficulty. That's a lot more addictive than a modern single player game with chapters/missions and a definitive end.


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I disagree, arcades were far more expensive per hour for the vast majority of people ("Just one more quarter and I'll win"), even at prices of games back then. They were also much more addictive, consisting of short simple challenges and playthroughs but with a high difficulty curved. They were 100% engineered to get a player addicted.

With today's prices you can buy an average game on sale for like 30 attempts (25 cents is the 80's is nearly a dollar today).

You could easily bankrupt yourself from it, hell there's even a SpongeBob episode about it.

Also once you had the ability to save, you could turn it off and walk away without losing your current attempt.


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Part of the problem is that most of what's smaller than 2000+ square feet that's relatively new construction in a decent area with nearby jobs are townhouses with gated communities (at least in my area). Townhouses are great, but they have a steep HOA fee which makes the seemingly affordable mortgage a lot less affordable.