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Yeah somewhat, he wrote to other writers a lot and he often discussed, well, writing and his thoughts on various aspects of, well everything.

That said when i say the man has a lot of letters, there's something like 3500 of them set to be printed when they finish up volumes 22 and 23...


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>Its raised, open left hand has six fingers, while the right holds a snake, or a rattle, with its head facing the ground.

I wonder if they considered polydactyly significant, if this was a specific individual who was the "model", or if it was just a way they chose to depict this guy's hand for some reason? It's the little details that are always so fascinating to me.


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From the article:

>"The larger stone really is a superstar inscription, one of the longest and largest ever to be found in ancient Britain and unlikely to ever be surpassed as a record of the world of Roman Yorkshire," he said.

If that's the best they've got then...uh....