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I proudly volunteer to eat these things in great magnitude in space so as to set the court precedent for future generations.

Also because I've been accused of my farts being a war crime in the past and I would love to see that in a courts transcript. I will frame that on my kitchen wall.


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Not at all iff you considered history, statistics, or logic. But sure, blame the economy on police so that you can empower the same politicians that actually caused the issues. Seems to be the "'Merican Way" of thinking.


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pretty sure then they just look for a way to fund themselves.

not to mention that makes no attempts to solve the actual root problems, just blaming the people meant to be helping(meant to doesn't even imply its what they do)


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In California there was a case of an armed truck transporting cash seized on the grounds "the truck might be related to the legal sell of Marijuana" because a similar truck used by a different company (not the same truck, driver, company, etc) was previously seen parked outside a legal dispensary. Even after they proved that vehicle did not have any illegal funds and did not even service any Marijuana facility, not to mention Marijuana is legal in California, they refused to return the millions stolen.

They literally robben an armored truck at gunpoint, assaulted and kidnapped the guards, falsified charges, stole the money, then only released their prisoners when they were forced to because their false charges didn't stick, then had to be taken to court to get the money back (because they refused).