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We raised our lanai (this was in Honolulu) and enclosed it, had to raise the floor about 2 inches for it to match the rest of the living area. We hired some guys to do it.

8am Sunday a full sized cement truck pulls up and 11 Philippino guys gather, one of them was about 70 and his job was to crack open Heinekens.

They run the cement to the back of the house using a big half pipe and get the whole thing laid in about an hour. 2 guys stayed and watered it and kept it smooth as it set up. It was vey noisy, a helicopter flew over and circled for a bit, our neighbors were not thrilled.

Turns out there was a gigantic development burn built about a mile from us, the cement guys would skim loads and do peoples small projects on their way to the big development.

Far as I’m concerned we got an experienced crew to do a top notch job for a really good price.


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I felt every second of this drama in my gut.

We are a little older and my wife decided we needed to replace our toilets with a nicer but frankly ridiculously expensive new toilets. I don’t think I have ever experienced such a powerful and instantaneous lifestyle upgrade.

Our water usage dropped by almost 2/3. I knew the old ones were leaky but wow that is a LOT of water.

And more importantly, these babies have never clogged or flushed incompletely. I feel like they could eat a litter of kittens in one flush, truly amazing.

We also drive a Toyota and I’d never considered the dangers there… glad we upgraded.


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I think a similar feeling is when you’re laid off or fired from a job at a company that then goes on to be more successful without you.

I’ve actually worked for small companies that thought they’d be better off without me and then they go into a death spiral when I’m gone.

But I’ve also had the opposite happen . :-/


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“Nobody” is watching Andor because I’m sick of having to understand a catalog of back stories before I can figure out what the f is going on in each Star Wars story. I don’t know who the characters are and I don’t care because the writers are too lazy to even remotely sketch them out for someone who isn’t a super fan.

Pedantic internet trolls have ruined story telling with their obsessive canon discussions of every possible show created. It’s an f’ing fantasy ok? It can be whatever the f it wants to be.

And don’t even get me started on Baby Yoda. Don’t show me a baby Yoda week after week and then get mad at me when I point and say “look it’s a baby Yoda”.