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I remember reading something that was comparing different forms of control in society. I think it used Western media controlling narratives as an example of more subliminal control, and then compared to something like the subjective enforcement of hard-coded rules in potentially the USSR. I want to say it may have been Zizek as I think there was some humor to the comparison pointing out the irony.

I was wondering if this rings a bell for anyone because I am having trouble finding it.


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If you are teleported by being duplicated then the original in the first location being destroyed, your local self would die and your new self would continue it's perception. To other people you would be continuing your life but to the original you you would just die. It's like the idea of multiverse (?) where your own perception continues but every moment there is another reality where you die.

It's just two distinct lives that are in no way connected other than that the new one started from a new location with the same memories as you had at the point of being cloned. I don't see it paradoxical at all.