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that sucks.

i have empathy for this big time.

i had a ceiling cave in on me in florida. while i was in the shower. it was from the weight of water bugs, which are like big flying cock roaches. everywhere. while i was in the shower. wet and naked. probably slightly concussed from the ceiling bonking me on the head.

easily top five worst experiences of my life.

glad you and the cat are ok. 🙏


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going to a blood test dehydrated is like 'don't do #1'.

i remember we used to have blood drives at an office i worked at. i was super young. but everyone went to go give blood so i tagged along because why not give blood, that's a good person thing to do. so i went and it was like 10am and all i had was a cup of coffee since like 7am. probably didn't even drink any water the night before because i was terrible about drinking water when i was young.

made that mistake one time. 😂


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whispering is considered harmful for the voice because it creates a lot of tension and strain on the vocal cords. when you whisper, your vocal cords are brought close together tightly, and this can cause them to become inflamed and irritated. over time, this can lead to vocal cord damage, hoarseness, and other voice problems.


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>haven't tried a heavy dosage like you suggested yet though!

i'm not exactly suggesting it, i was just stating it. 😂

being hesitant about that just means you're cautious, which you should be taking any meds. definitely research it. i'm a lucky one, low doses work great for me.

i know some people are brand name loyal but i've never noticed any difference with melatonin personally.

you could also try zquil gummies if the melatonin doesn't work itself. it's got melatonin in them but it's got some other stuff that helps sleep. they're pretty non-habit forming, i was taking them for awhile and then just stopped one day, wasn't a big deal.


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yea, that was my thinking. i'm only going by my wife and kid but if they don't sleep well they are completely scatterbrained the next day.

i use melatonin if i'm wide awake and it's too late to be wide awake. i've read other users having to take wildly varying dosages to get any effect. sometimes only a tiny amount (.3-.5mg) helps people, then there's other people popping like 10mg. seems like a very trial and error/everybody's different type of med.

best to take it a few hours before bed and not at bed time in my experience.


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sounds like adhd my guy. even from what you just said.

sometimes it's easier to adapt. it's a spectrum. i'm bipolar to the point i've been diagnosed psychotic and all. i don't take meds. fucks meds. i'm me. 🙏

side note; practice mindfulness. being self aware all the time really eliminated a lot of that. at least outwardly.


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they still have an Office of Responsible AI and i believe that's valuable but the counterpoint i've been told is that

>When studying software engineering, this is exactly what they tought us as best practice.

>If you want an unbiased assessment wether your goals were met, it's good advice to not task the same team which worked towards those goals. People become emotionally attached to what they do, and like being told they did a good job, and more reasons.

>I believe this idea generally applies to quality assurance.

by /u/Spziokles


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fuck all that though, just do it slow. 🤷‍♂️

what even is a buck movement. it brought up hunting stuff. clearly what i'm talking about is more applicable to humans. 😂

if you're talking about kips and shit you're in alternative truth territory. all you gotta do is lift slow. pop steroids and eat real good for a few weeks if you want to get big. doesn't really matter. slow, is better, unless you're using it.